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Fed up with the status quo

Illinois needs leaders that are willing to make bold moves to solve our problems, not line their own pockets. I opposed pay raises for legislators, and when we got them anyway, I decided to give it to local charities.

Too many in Springfield are using their office to enrich themselves rather than help the people they are there to serve. We can no longer afford the backroom deals and pay-to-play politics that got us into this mess.

Lowering taxes

When the 67% tax hike was first implemented, the voters of this state were promised that it would be a temporary increase. I hadn’t yet been elected when that promise was made, but I needed to keep it just the same. I am proud to say that we were able to implement this tax cut while keeping education funding at a level rate.

Protecting the Rock Island Arsenal

For years, the Rock Island Arsenal has been in danger of downsizing or closing because it lacked a direct flight to Washington, D.C. , making it difficult to transport military and civilian personnel. The Rock Island Arsenal employs over 7,000 people, making it the largest employer in our area.

Through the I-FLY program, we were able to secure a direct flight to D.C., keeping the Rock Island Arsenal—and the 7,000+ families that rely on it—in business.

Reforming Springfield

A voter is supposed to choose their elected officials, not the other way around. It doesn’t matter what party you’re with—fair is fair, and the current system just isn’t fair.

Every ten years, political leaders get together and decide how to draw legislative districts. Every time, it benefits the powerful and the wealthy interests that support them. We need an independent, bipartisan commission to draw district lines to give everyday people more of a voice in government.

That’s why I was the only state representative in my party to come out in favor of the fair maps proposal. When the Springfield powers-that-be derailed the petition effort, I decided to write and sponsor legislation to accomplish the same goal.

We need real solutions and we won’t get them until we’ve got a fair process.

Standing up for children, seniors, and veterans

My opponent and his Tea Party allies want deep cuts to programs for children, seniors, and veterans here in Illinois to finance tax breaks for the wealthy. I believe that is wrong and I will fight to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Creating jobs that can support a family

We need to actively invest in our economy to create good-paying jobs that can’t be outsourced Expanding and improving our state infrastructure is vital to the economic well-being of Illinois families.

I have spearheaded efforts to expand WIU in the Quad Cities, to grow Black Hawk College’s nursing program, to fund millions of dollars of road and bridge construction, and to expand private sector employment on the Rock Island County Arsenal.

Because of those efforts and countless others by the hardworking people of western Illinois, we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Illinois.

Ensuring quality public education that prepares our children for the 21st

In order to eliminate the fiscal disadvantage our districts face and ease the burden on local property taxpayers, I support an amendment to the Illinois constitution guaranteeing equal funding for all public schools in Illinois.

I will oppose an effort to balance the Illinois budget on the backs of public school students and will fight the make college tuition affordable for working families.